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Ai model

"Ai" is the term for "Artificial intelligence".

Also "Ai" is an "All-inclusive" concept - the traditional message of the hospitality industry, the world flagman of a HoReCa format.

Our new model is proudly named "Ai model", as it includes a very advanced onboard comfort system (heating, plumbing, monitoring, electrical supply).

The "Ai model" is also offered fully kitted out to start the rental business: no hidden fees for the houseboat. The kitchen is equipped with a cooker, refrigerator and the necessary storage space for food and utensils. The bedrooms are fully equipped with lockers and beds. The bathrooms are fitted with high quality fittings and lockers. A motor with hydraulic steering system is fitted.

Only minor details are needed for start your business, which normally are chosen by the owners of the houseboat to their liking (kitchen and dining utensils, plaids, pillows and bed linen, sun loungers and wicker furniture for relaxing), as well as details varying according to local safety laws/regulations and operating conditions in a specific marina (emergency waistcoats, whistles, ropes and hooks, torches, etc).

More about the new model:

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