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Why our houseboats are very reliable? And why we don't build like Trabantes?

In case you don't know what Trabant is? We tell you! That's when "shit and sticks" won't be an unreasonable characteristic. So, trabant - the post-war small car made of carton, glue and in some places (and the best places) cheap plastic. A symbol of the post-war part of Germany and the essence of cheapness. Yes, hundreds of thousands of east Germans had an opportunity to have their own car, but it is doubtful pleasure to drive it on the rattling box. It's good when a souvenir "trabbi" works as a museum piece, and bad if it drives you and your family on the roads of the country.

Of course, you can say that in today's world more and more goods are becoming single-use: clothes made of tertiary raw materials, cars made of foil, houses made of shit and sticks. But we are sure that the quality of some things cannot be diminished. It's not pretty, it's not safe, and it won't last long. And it's definitely not our way. We are often asked: can we make the price of our houseboats lower? No! We keep our profit to a minimum, but we choose only reliable materials from which we build you a houseboat.

Our pontoons are multiples of our safety margin. And we build trimarans (three rows of pontoons). Why? It's stable and extremely robust with a high load capacity and maximum stability. We use aluminum for the frame. It's a very reliable, durable and lightweight material that performs many times better than wood or steel.

Our walls are sandwich panels with additional insulation - reliable load-bearing structures that work on the principle of a thermos: in winter the houseboat is warm, in summer - not hot. The safety perimeter is made of stainless steel. It is stylish and durable. All engineering stuffing - extremely reliable, no one device from China.

Aluminum window frames and tempered tinted double-glazed windows - no cheap plastic. It's important to us that your clients have absolute comfort of living, toilet, shower with hot water, warm floor, comfortable kitchen and even a thruster which makes it easy to steer the houseboat.

So when you buying a boat for business, travel and recreation with all the engineering systems, furniture and appliances, choose our houseboat. This is a reliable product with a multiple margin of safety! And we do not build trabants, do not even ask) In the quality of our houseboat you can be sure that it will serve you faithfully for decades!

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