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Houseboat.LT team

We are a group of Lithuanian companies that work together to achieve a common goal. Having a good theoretical and practical experience in the building of expedition cars, campers and caravans, a unique experience in creating our own floating pontoons, we have collaborated our efforts and since 2014 we started to build a houseboats.

​We have all the necessary shipbuilding licenses, and all of our houseboats have the EU Declaration of Conformity and CE-marked.

How we produce floating pontoons.

One of the parts of our friendly team is the "Rotoplus" company.
UAB Rotoplus started this business on this name in early 2016, but the origins of the company have been around for more than a decade. It all began with the idea of ​​setting up a boat - a bungalow on pontoon floats, which would have a hanging engine and be mobile. The first houseboat production by this company has been sailing for more than 10 years in the vicinity of Klaipeda.

Foam filled floats.jpg
How we design you houseboat.

Since the epidemic of covid-19, our design team has been working remotely and includes architects who come from classical European architectural schools.
Over 12 years our projects included designing for more recently over 40 heavy-duty offroad caravans and campers, since 2013 - for houseboats.
Probably is the best design command working with houseboats in the Baltic region.

web-Laivo D07-4.jpg
viber image 7-1.jpg
WEBASTO Diesel Cooker X100.jpg
How we fill your houseboat with comfort.

How we make cozy our houseboats?

One of the important part of our team is the engeneering lithuanian company UAB "Baltijos skaitmena".
We started this business in Lithuania only in 2014, but we have more then 10-years experience in building a comfortable motorhomes for long offroad journeys.

Kitchen zone.jpeg
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