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Pontoon Thrusters

up 6.499* €

Introducing the first fully retractable thruster system designed for today’s modern pontoon boat. Universal mounting for any houseboat, precision guidance is right at your fingertips with the simple joystick control.

Now you can move your boat with confidence in any direction, and in any weather condition – sideways, diagonally, rotate in place – all with the smooth and silent power of Sideshift’s proven thruster technology.

Can I install the thruster myself?

Absolutely! All Sideshift thrusters have been designed with the DIY’er in mind. Previous experience is not required.  With some basic mechanical skills and a little bit of electrical system knowledge, you can easily install your own Sideshift system. Every thruster kit includes a detailed installation manual and unlimited phone support. You can also view our installation videos on the page above.

How deep should I install the unit into the water?

Your Sideshift thruster must be installed with the top of the propellers 130mm or deeper below the water surface.

Do I have to take my boat out of the water to install thruster?

All Sideshift thrusters can be installed in-water since all the mounting locations and cable connections are routed above the waterline.

How long does a Sideshift take to install?

The average installation time ranges from 6 to 8 hours per thruster depending on the complexity of the interior wire runs and equipment location.

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1. Price indicating for EX-Works Palanga (Lithuania) terms and do not include VAT, which can be added on at the rate specified by the appropriate regulations. The 21% VAT tax applies to above prices for buyers from Lithuania and to these buyers from other European Union countries who do not have the EU VAT tax number. 

2. Price not included the batteries.

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