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Floating House

Permanently moored houseboat based on the Universal Design (UD) module.

The philosophy of floating houses and houseboats

What is the dream of the bravest of dreamers? A house on the water and absolute freedom. People are looking for a fascination and love the mysterious.

For most people living away from the sea, water is something powerful and unfathomable.
But if you ask natives of coastal areas, or visitors who have spent a few days on the banks of a river or lake, you will hear the same thing from
all: "There is nothing better than living by the water and on the water". This has to do with the greatest aspiration of all - the desire for freedom.

Why do people mention water in the first place and not mountains, for example? We are inextricably linked physically with water. Our body is largely made up of water, 2/3 of the earth's surface is covered with water, and it is in water that many plants and animals find their habitat.

Water is the most alluring element running through our lives. Glistening lakes, shallow streams and calm rivers are the epitome of rest and relaxation for people.

Life on the water - a realisation

We can make your dream of living on the water come true. Our floating houses do not stand on the shore, but directly on the surface of the water. We have already realised more than a dozen houseboats projects throughout Europe and many more are in the planning stages.

The owners of our houseboats have been actively involved in practical implementation and improvement of our houseboat projects for 10 years. The main focus of our activities is the development and construction of mobile floating houses with comfortable furnishings.

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Project implementation with a competent partner at your side

We dream your dream together with you and always try to combine it with our experience and know-how. Each project is preceded by an independent and detailed consultation. We treat each project individually, despite the use of our series technology and tried and tested models.
In addition, our aim is to implement the project quickly and reduce the overall cost.

This year we are launching a new product line: mobile homes for permanent living. Our offer ranges from the permanent installation of a standard model of our houseboat with permanent connection to the utilities to the planning of floating hotels and groups of houses for permanent residence of several families.

The modular solution, which is mounted on a pontoon system, is created in partnership with the Baltic Architectural Centre, in close cooperation with a number of the world's leading architects and designers. The Universal Design (UD) house, based on the idea of 'universal design for all', is a patented solution that is not only beautiful but also functional. Barrier-free environment. The physical space is wide enough for wheelchair access and all furniture and fittings are designed for easy direct access. Direct access to water. Unrestricted freedom.

Furniture and Materials. 

We hope you enjoy these luxury interior designs of our houseboats. This enveloping design must simultaneously flatter, delight, energize and soothe all on board.

The key to making a small space large is not only a sense of scale, it’s giving that scale a sense of excitement. We softed the upholstery fabrics so they blend in with the surrounding walls. Too many jarring contrasts and interruptions make a small space cramped.


The first demonstration floating house is planned to be launched soon as a hotel in the centre of Riga, the Latvian capital. The building will be available as rented/private accommodation three days a week, and the rest of the week will be open as a showroom/interactive public space. In this way, we aim to test our prototype and gather real-time unbiased feedback on the model's balance and features.

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of a Universal Design (UD) houseboat?
The price of such a house depends on the configuration and the engineering equipment such a house comes with. The base price is the same as a Model Ai houseboat and it is 149,000 euros without VAT.

Can I live in a Universal Design (UD) house during winter?
Yes, of course. These houses are insulated to withstand even the coldest winters from North America to Scandinavia. Homes based on UD modules are rated A+ for energy efficiency, making the overall heating and cooling costs of the home nominal.

Do Universal Design (UD) homes need a building permit?
There is no universal answer. In Latvia and the Baltic States, such permits are required. However, if the square footage of the house is less than 60 m2, it is relatively easy to obtain a permit by applying online.
In other European countries, you will need to study the local legislation more carefully and get competent advice, as solutions may differ even within the same country.

What preparation or work must I do before I receive a Universal Design (UD) house?
To place a floating house based on a UD module, you need to obtain marina approval, and ensure connection to water, electricity and sewage.

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